Sustainability is key

I Learn, I Think, I Solve, I Create


I used to blog a lot, back when I had a lot of time. Looking back, some of the posts are still interesting when I read them now. I realise that if I want to remember the things I am doing today, I need to write them down somewhere, otherwise in years to come, when I try to recall what I have been spending my time on, I might pull a blank. So here I am, trying to start another blog, this one to focus on the technical stuff that I am do on a day-to-day basis. Basically every day I do one of these four things: Learn something new, Think about what I have learnt, and try to use it to Solve some problem that I am facing, and at the end, possibly Creating a way to do certain things. Yah, I think I sound abstract, but let’s see what I produce in this blog and we can better define this…

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