pi-gen: Timezone and Locales

The tweaks here are minor, Just documenting so that I will not forget. The changes relevant to me are:

In stage0/01-locale/00-debconf

-tzdata	tzdata/Areas	select	Etc
+tzdata	tzdata/Areas	select	Asia


-tzdata	tzdata/Zones/Etc	select	UTC
+tzdata	tzdata/Zones/Etc	select	GMT+8

In stage2/01-sys-tweaks/00-debconf

-keyboard-configuration	keyboard-configuration/xkb-keymap	select	gb
+keyboard-configuration	keyboard-configuration/xkb-keymap	select	us

One thing to note that it is through this that I know that the “|” character is not on the default GB keyboard layout, have to change it to the US Keyboard.


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